NvEZOS is an nVidia GPU Mining OS based on Ubuntu-GNOME 16.04.2 LTS. It is configurable completely from webUI and features the latest genoil CUDA ethminer, Claymore miner, and EWBF miner. The WebUI provides an easy interface to switch between currencies you’re currently mining, check hashrate, and even configure network and overclocking settings! Release V1.0 also includes Multi-Mine which allows you to have different GPU’s in the same rig running different mining instances, for instance you could have an 8 GPU rig with 4x 1080ti mining Zen, while you have 4x 1060 mining Eth (or an eth based currency).

This software is available for free use, however, donations are always appreciated! MEW Address – 0x3d454b7b858335805f83D30842d9f0fACd50e545

A dev miner is implemented in NvEZOS v1. It will run when the miner is first initialized, however, you are free to stop it at any time. It will auto-stop if you start your owner miner daemon as well. It is not set to reactivate at any point, however, you are welcome to run it yourself to give back to the project! As well, there is a Multi-Mine Dev Miner service that when ran will only run on GPU0,┬áthus allowing you to have an option to give back while using the rest of your GPU’s normally.

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