Welcome to the new home of NvEZOS, The easy-to-use Web-UI-based nVidia Crypto Mining OS!

NvEZOS allows Nvidia GPU miners to mine a variety of GPU-mineable currencies including Ethereum (and related alts), Zcash/Zencash, and Sia (Incl Claymore Dual Mining) – All configured and monitored from and easy to use WebUI. The base OS is Ubuntu-Gnome 16.04.2 running Apache2 and PHP7 for management. Get more info HERE.

This page is now serving as the launch platform for V1.0

Checkout some screenshots HERE, or visit our subreddit HERE (which still has the majority of the info on NvEZOS for the time being)

Click HERE to go to the download page that contains complete install instructions.

The current version is V1.04 – Released Sept 13 2017